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Qualities you expect in a lawyer. Ones you insist upon when it comes to representing you and those things that are important to you.

Suzanne M. Mensch is not only familiar with these qualities, she lives them.

A graduate of Yale University and recipient of a Doctor of Law degree from Cornell Law School, 1998

Westhampton Beach Board of Education President 2010-Present

Legal representation requires a thorough examination of the client's needs and intensions coupled with the knowledge of how best to protect them. Providing a comprehensive explanation of the resources available to guard what is important to a client and understanding the laws to defend them is key.

We all remember the days of our youth; scraping our knee, getting our kite tangled in a tree, forgetting our line in the school play. In each of these instances, we generally looked to one particular person for comfort and guidance. Most of the time, this person was Mom.

Meet Suzanne. She is the mother of five children. It is her instinct to protect, guard and defend. She will apply those instincts in representing you in matters of importance to you.

Suzanne has the ability to guide a client through the legal process with a sensitive and understanding nature. She will listen to your needs, present and explain the options available, and keep you informed of progress. Her delivery of excellence comes through in a satisfied client.

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